Drone Services

Drone Services

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    Holly Ingenuity specializes in drone surveying services. We are a licensed FAA Part 107 Remote Drone Operator, and we also hold a Section 333 Exemption for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. We offer drone surveying services for commercial use including the following: 3D building surveys, site condition inspections, ground surveys,  infrastructure inspections, structural assessments, landscaping surveys, aerial photogrammetry and mapping.

    Our drone services are perfect for maintaining large areas of land and monitoring trees, crops, pastures, and waterways.  The drones can offer a bird’s-eye view of the land below them and will update the data in real time.

    Video Collection

    Holly Ingenuity offers drone video collection services.  For the past 18 years, we have been providing the best in aerial photography and videography to people all over the world. We offer a drone service that is designed to document every minute of your event or special moment. The aerial perspective will allow you to feel closer than ever before to the memories you create with your loved ones. If you are looking for a company that can get the perfect aerial footage for your next project, then Holly Ingenuity is just what you need!


    Holly Ingenuity also offers drone observation services. We specialize in capturing high-resolution aerial footage of sensitive locations. This can be done for private clients as well as  commercial purposes. The drone captures photos and videos through its “unmatched” camera while the operator is able to control and monitor it remotely.

    We offer a variety of options to best suit each client’s needs. Our team at Holly Ingenuity is highly trained and understand the laws, safety, and other aspects of drone use within different industries. We also provide assistance with regulatory compliance in this ever-changing industry.


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