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Artificial Intelligence Services

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    Chemical Processes

    Holly Ingenuity offers Artificial Intelligence Chemical Processes. We provide a software platform that helps chemists solve problems using AI, allowing them to focus on the fun parts of their work like designing new molecules. The software solves problems with 3-dimensional structure, molecular interactions, and chemical reactions.

    These unique chemical processes provide a new way of designing chemical reactions, which are complex and difficult to optimize. Chemical engineers use these AI processes to analyze hundreds of millions of possible reaction outcomes in order to find the most effective ones. Holly Ingenuity plans to use these AI processes in the development of products ranging from medicines to cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and more. The benefits that an artificial intelligence chemical process will provide include optimized energy efficiency and lower production costs. The AI process is also less expensive because it is made cheaper by avoiding human error during the design stage.

    Electrical Systems

    Holly Ingenuity offers Artificial Intelligence Electrical Systems, including AI-enabled software that can solve electrical problems. With this software, the customer won’t have to do any guesswork when diagnosing an issue with a circuit. It can also create a 3D model of the circuit, which will show a high-resolution look at the problem area.

    Artificial Intelligence Electrical Systems are offered by Holly Ingenuity. They offer systems that use artificial intelligence to remove the guesswork from electrical design and ensure a high-performance result. This AI is also used to improve data processing and act as a regulator for the electrical system.

    Power Generation systems

    Holly Ingenuity is a tech company that offers Artificial Intelligence Power Generation systems. The company reduces the energy needed to power the system by combining field and machine learning algorithms, which are then implemented into their software. This allows their systems to be more efficient and less costly than those of other companies.

    Holly Ingenuity, a company headquartered in the United Kingdom, specializes in Artificial Intelligence Power Generation systems. They create energy management systems that use AI to manage and control power production. The AI learns over time to be more efficient with power usage.

    Mechanical systems

    Holly Ingenuity has been offering Artificial Intelligence Mechanical systems for over a decade. We have been known for various products such as the Defense Grade Artificial Intelligent drones and the Army Grade Artificial Intelligent tanks. The drones have been built with missile pods that are extremely accurate – in fact, with pinpoint accuracy. Artificial intelligence will be crucial in these types of mechanical systems because it will allow better navigation of unfamiliar surroundings and will avoid anomalies like trees or other obstacles.

    Holly Ingenuity is an invention company that offers Artificial Intelligence Mechanical systems. They specialize in inventing new devices and technologies for businesses, schools, and homes. They have even worked on substantial projects for NASA. The work of Holly Ingenuity is aimed at improving the quality of life for all people by creating inventions such as the artificial intelligence mechanical system that can be used to clean up a disaster area quickly.

    Energy Consumption

    Holly Ingenuity specializes in artificial intelligence that can be implemented into various systems to provide energy consumption. This includes both industrial and home use.  We offer custom solutions for businesses that need to conserve energy without compromising performance or business operations.  Our programs can forecast when solar panels will generate energy, forecast the energy load on an electrical grid, and optimize the efficiency of battery charging on electric vehicles.


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